“Nachts, beim Schwimmen im See”


german + english subtl. / 14:52 min / GER / 2021

by Antonius Koschorz + Thai Tai Pham

Can you keep up with the demands of your environment? Are we developing a resilience to the acceleration and alienation of our everyday life? Is it a natural human need to ask these philosophical questions, their fears about the future and its rapid developments?

Acceleration and deceleration are the keywords of our increasing globalization, digitization and technologization. The collective thought of asking the same questions rarely come together anonymously and intimately.

“At night while swimming in the lake” is a documentary essay film that aims to preserve a moment of processuality.

with voices of: Mathias Baresel / Stevie Bergk / Pauline Bönisch / Cem Cako / Angela Lim Ching-Yung / Emir Erşahin / Frieder Flesch / Patrick Föllmer / Emelie Gutbrod / Eva Großblotekamp / Jeremias Koschorz / Lisa Krause / Constanze Kretschmann / Jens Krüger / Paul Melzer / Felix Nieskens / Hsiao Pei Kao / Luise Peschko / Sven Röder / Matz Sell / Hassan Siami