Thai Tai Pham is a vietnamese born german based filmmaker, visual artist and performer.

With an affinity for minimalism and atmosphere, Thai Tai has been engaged in the art and craft of moving image and sound for a decade. In the form of spatial installations, his works traverse the perception and reception of audiovisual phenomena and explores the relationship between light and sound.
His documentary and conceptual research works in the form of documentary and video art in particular the themes of cultural identity, migration and humanism.

He is currently studying new media art and design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar (Germany). With a research and residency focus of performance art and scenography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia (Spain), he is focusing on the exploration of body and movement.

Pham participated in various contemporary theater and dance productions as a set designer and mixed media artist. Especially as a member of the artist collective “Ultraviolettkatastrophe”, he often designs environments with the background of being functionally flexible on a multimedia level. He is always accompanied by his perception and experience as a video artist to create an aesthetic backdrop with space, sound and light.