A Scanner Darkley – Der Dunkle Schirm

by Philip K. Dick


set design / live-video

A Scanner Darkley is about people moving in their own reality – “Be happy now, because you will die tomorrow” – and be punished too hard for that. Drug use leads here in no other, better reality, but to their loss. The longing for a different life and the search for the self identity to a confused swirl from doubt and madness. But are they leading to dumbing down in the longer term and leaving us a mental death, much like a super potent drug? #Geldregiert the world, Samson would say of the Sesame Street. After all, every kid knows that. In a performative arrangement of drama, video installations, music and film, a team of musicians, theater and filmmakers has staged the story for Strand 22. 

actor: Matthias Zera
director: Eva Grossblotekamp
music: Filip Hiemann
set design / video installation: Thai Tai Kokus
live-video: Terence Marowsky
light: Tillmann Lützner
assistant: Charlotte Zerna

a production by collective Ultraviolettkatastrophe
summer theatre at Der Strand 22