Theater: hätte hätte Fahrradkette

Summer theater / Kulturarena Jena 2019


Theaterhaus Jena is now also making television. At the very least, what would have happened in “Bicycle Chain” seems very much like it. But in the theater, the audience is allowed to look behind the scenes of the show, and not everything that glitters is gold there. In order to serve a previously neglected market, Thüringen plans to create a sitcom that will serve both Germany and the entire Arabic-speaking region. »New Germans« meet »old Germans«, misunderstandings and conflicts arise and are exploited for punchlines. Humorous, we look through different perspectives on how the current debates around the topic of migration – embedded in seemingly easy conversation, and supplemented by a lot of music – are negotiated, and suddenly people and their homelands arise out of laughter and stereotypes. Can this still laugh? 
With lyrics by George Tobal in German, Dutch, English and Arabic with German and partly Arabic subtitles.

With: Ahmad Alharfi, Walter Bart, Ramez Basheer, Pina Bergemann, Henrike Commichau, Bassam Dawood, André Hinderlich, Mona Vojacek Koper, Leon Pfannenmüller, Maartje Remmers, Inaam Wali Al-Battat

A coproduction with the Theater Rotterdam. With the kind support of JENOPTIK AG and JenaKultur

musicians: Jens Bouttery, Ward Espir, Ahmed Hajjar, Saleh Katbeh 
concept + director: Wunderbaum Co-director: Matijs Jansen 
stage + light: Maarten van Otterdijk 
costumes: Cornelia Stephan 
music: Jens Bouttery, Ward Espir 
dramaturgy: Thorben Meißner 
live video: Thai Tai Pham, Terence Marowsky 
arabic subtitles: Maged Al Din Afaghani