“Nichtstadt – Portrait eines Fortschritts”


german / 100:03 min / GER / 2019 – 2021

director of photography

What is valuable in a city – and who does it belong to? Like a large part of German city centers, the up-and-coming city of Jena is in a process of profound change. During this time, the film team accompanied five different associations and socio-cultural initiatives and documented their struggle to preserve their threatened spaces.

So we see the initiatives in the city shine in the jungle of construction sites, Christmas markets, fairgrounds and the city’s day-to-day business. Each of the portraits shows a part of the microcosm within which we move. Be it concerts in Cafe Wagner, soccer games in the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld, intoxicating parties in the cellar of the Inselhaus or birth preparation courses in the rest room of the birth house – between screaming babies and roaring soccer fans, dancing hippies or gentle loners – the city is alive and it gasps for air.

film tour: dates

distribution: Rotzfrech Cinema

press: Libertad Media / MDR Kultur


director: Pablo F. Mattarocci

director of photography: Thai Tai Pham

music: Vincent Foglierini & Basile Renard

edit & assistant director: Maksim Mau

assistant audio: Jasmina Feger

color grading: Georgina Pretto

sound design: Thorsten Hoppe

motion design: Mario Burbach