Novecento – Die Legende vom Ozeanpianisten

by Alessandro Baricco

theater / GER / 2018

set design / video installation

We are in the year 1900. On board of the ocean liner Virginian the sailor Danny Boodmann finds a child, still very small – exposed, lying in a lemon box with the inscription T.D. Lemons.
The crew of the ship takes care of the little boy and baptizes him in the name Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon Novecento. The boy grows up on the ship, into the age of the golden twenties. Year after year the ship travels its way between Europe and America. Passengers come and go. But Novecento stays and never enters land. Instead, he plays piano, traveling in his imagination – to real and impossible places.
Book in the finest evening attire in the saloon of the very first class, when the ocean flushes in the late summer on the shores of Strand22 and travel with Novecento – Welcome aboard the Virginian !!!

actor: Thomas Gerber
director: Eva Grossblotekamp
music: Filip Hiemann
set design / Video: Thai Tai Kokus

a production by collective Ultraviolettkatastrophe
summer theatre at Der Strand 22