“Urlaub in Deutschland” – Vacation in Germany

five-part film series

a production of Theaterhaus Jena and Wunderbaum

german + english subtl. / GER / 2020

director of photography

Germany 2020. The sun is shining, the vacation is waiting, people are longing for freedoms that they once had and will have again. But this summer is different. Long-distance trips are canceled, travel warnings apply to an extent never seen before. Instead, vacation on balconies, or, if it is to be more decadent, on the North Sea coast – the German, of course. In the 2020 holiday year, even those who are most attached to home will become aware that borders include, narrower horizons. The tourist guide has to offer digital tours, the actress sublet her apartment. It’s time to re-examine the concept of vacation.

In five episodes the Theaterhaus Jena tells of this unique summer near and far. The local acting ensemble allies itself with artists in France, China, Spain, Hungary and the Netherlands in order to at least still dream of vacation. But in the sultry summer air, the reality of the holiday gradually shifts to the shimmering mirror world that has become this year.

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